Advantages of Enzotech’s Cold Plates

Our high-end pin-fin embedded water block cold plates outperform our competitors.  The water block fin structure is formed by cold forging, which gives water blocks the best material density with no contact resistance between the base and fins.  Heat from heat source is transferred to fins and carried away by liquid effectively.  It can be easily customized in size and height for different applications. Our unique dual-water channel design helps our customer not only reduce costs but also save precious space in the system.

About Enzotech

Enzotech offers a complete range of design and manufacturing services for the best performing and most cost effective cold plates in the world. Our innovative cold plate which include Vacuum-Brazed and Friction Stir Welded technologies range from tubed cold plated and flat tube cold plates to ultra high-density performance fin cold plate.

Our products

Our products can be found in a variety of applications in medical equipment, powered electronics, automobile, military/ aerospace and communication industries. 
Enzotech provides full service business model from concept development, engineering design, qualification and mass production. Our production lines are very flexible and can support prototyping, low to high volume in a very short lead time.