"The Ultra-X active CPU cooler from Enzotech places right near the top with the best CPU coolers on the market today. It delivers excellent performance, offers a broad operating range, and looks great."


"Enzo Technology has had time to perfect, improve, and adapt their cooling solutions to perform the best as processors have evolved. The installation methods for both AMD and Intel are very simple and easy. The EnzoTech Ultra-X cooled the Core 2 Duo better than any CPU cooler heat sink to ever come across this desktop. It's performance surpassed my most trusted CPU coolers which makes it my current number one recommendation"


"The Ultra-X performed better than any of the other coolers that we have tested this year. It totally dethroned the Spire Fourier IV that was the reigning champ before this test"


"In every scenario and in every situation, the Ultra-X beats down the Zalman CNPS9500 out-of-the-box. As stated previously, the thermal compound may have something to do with this, but we used what came with each cooler to represent the average consumers install. I was very impressed with the noise, performance and overall quality of the Ultra-X cooler. In many situations, it beat out the CNPS9500 by as much as 5C!"

"...The heatsink uses heatpipe technology and the best of both worlds in regards to construction material; copper to pull the heat away from the core quickly and aluminum to dissipate it. The mirror-like finish on the base of the copper core is perhaps one of the most reflective and smooth..."

"...the Enzotech Ultra-X heatsink maintains the lowest temperature of any Intel LGA775 heatsink FrostyTech has tested on the 85W synthetic thermal test platform to date! When tested with a 150W heat load, the Ultra-X is firmly in the Top 10 heatsinks of both AMD and Intel classes... "

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